May 25, 2023

What Is The Difference Between Interior Designer And Interior Architect?

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What Do Interior Designers Do?

An interior designer is a professional who designs, plans and implements interior spaces of buildings for clients or other professionals to create functional yet appealing interior spaces for them. They collaborate closely with clients as they design functional yet visually appealing environments within buildings.

An interior designer usually begins their process by meeting with clients to understand their specific needs and wishes for the space, then coming up with an overall concept incorporating those needs, style considerations and the overall budget of their building. Once approved, an interior designer will develop an elaborate plan, including layout, furniture selections and finishes, before overseeing its execution to ensure everything runs according to plan.

An interior designer may take on residential and commercial projects; however, most typically specialize in either. Residential designers specialize in projects for houses, apartments or condos, while commercial interior designers focus on larger structures like office buildings, hotels or restaurants.

What Do Interior Architects Do?

Interior architects are professionals specialized in designing, planning, and overseeing the construction of interior spaces. They ensure each space meets specific functional, safe, and aesthetically pleasing criteria. Interior architects typically meet with clients first to assess their needs for space design before creating designs to match. Once complete, an interior architect typically oversees its implementation to ensure everything goes according to plan during its creation and use.

Interior architects must possess an in-depth knowledge of building codes and regulations as they are accountable for ensuring the space complies with safety requirements. Furthermore, interior architects must communicate effectively with clients, contractors and other professionals involved with a project so that it runs efficiently.

Can Architects Do Interior Design?

People often ask whether architects know interior design. Although architects do not specialize in creating beautiful yet functional spaces, their training provides them with skills needed for space planning and creating functional yet beautiful rooms – even though they might not possess expert knowledge about fabrics or finishes, architects can still help create your perfect home!

If you are working with an architect on either a new build or renovation, hiring an interior designer as part of their services could prove helpful in finalizing details such as furniture selection and fabrics to complement their architect’s plan and make your space truly personalized and custom to you.

Why Is Interior Design Better Than Architecture?

Interior designers often view themselves as more beneficial than architects for several reasons. First, interior designers typically have more control over their projects while working at more minor scales, allowing more intimacy and creativity within projects.

Interior designers typically possess an intimate knowledge of how people utilize space. Trained to consider how people move through an environment and maximize the available square footage, interior designers tend to understand this more effectively than architects, who prioritize overall building structure as their focus of interest.

Interior designers typically prioritize aesthetics over structure when designing spaces, using colour, light and texture to create inviting environments for people who visit a building. Interior designers understand this better than anyone.

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