Interior Design Questions

Here is a list of often-requested interior design questions from clients. Please let us know if you are still looking for an answer to your question.

We will set up a consultation with you to begin a project. During this consultation, we will spend time discovering more about your design objectives, budget, and timetable to provide a customised proposal that meets your specific requirements.

We offer interior design services for homes, businesses, offices, retail stores, F&B and hotels etc. Our team of skilled designers can assist you in creating a design strategy that fits your unique needs and preferences.

Our design process is unique to each client and project and often entails an initial consultation to determine your design preferences and goals, as well as idea creation, design presentations, and execution. We work closely with them throughout the process to guarantee our client can realise their vision.

Depending on the project’s complexity and the client’s demands, the duration of the project varies. We’ll work together to create a timeline and update you.

The space’s scope, materials, and size are just a few variables that affect how much a project will cost. We’ll provide a personalised proposal depending on your requirements and spending limit.

To ensure the practical completion of a project, we collaborate with architects and contractors as needed. Depending on the needs of your project, we can propose trustworthy specialists from our network.

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